Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be licensed in Maryland?

Currently, as of January 2020, there is no regulation on eyelash extension technicians. However, this is due to change as the Maryland Board of Cosmetologists have been in discussion on making some kind of certification required. Board meetings are open to the public as are meeting minutes after they have been uploaded.

Many of the current classes require that the enrollees already be licensed by the state of Maryland to offer cosmetology or esthetician services. We do not do that. Lash Extension Application can and has stood alone as a profession, with some artists making up to $80K per year.

I cannot make my class and I put a deposit down. Is it refundable?

No - all deposits are non refundable. You can, however, apply the deposit to a future class within a year.

I want to learn volume application - do you offer that?

As of right now, we only offer classic lash extensions. Please join our mailing list to keep updated on when we add this course to our selection.

I'm interested in teaching, who do I contact?

Please email us at info@marylandlashacademy.com with your information, how long you have been lashing, what you would like to teach, and your social media links.

Can I get lashes applied here?

YES! The hours are limited but you have options from both a Junior & Senior lash artist. The Junior lash Artist is fully certified, but still building her book and learning new skills.

The price for a senior lash artist is a bit higher.

What do you offer that others don't?

We offer 16 post certification clinic hours. Bring back your class model, do their finished set on site with your instructor or just bring your next few clients. If you have a difficult client and need more help, these are your hours to use.

Hablas Español?

Lo siento, no, no hablamos español. De hecho, estamos usando Google Translate para esto y probablemente sea incorrecto. Por favor, acepte nuestras disculpas.