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Who are we?

This Is How Our Story Began

There is a need for an extensive eyelash training course in Maryland that focuses on eye health, cleanliness, sanitization, sterilization, education and growth.

Currently Maryland does NOT regulate eyelash extension technicians, though this could be changing in the near future. The Cosmetology State Board has been in meetings discussing the future licensing/certification of this industry.

This program was created to help those who want to begin this career but do not know how to start.  Those who want to keep themselves and their clients healthy and safe and do not have any kind of license yet.  We would like to share that knowledge with you.

The curriculum for this course is detailed, thorough and written and presented in a way that will allow the lash artist, upon completion of the course, to use any brand, with the tweezer that fits their style best, and with the adhesive that works in their environment.

Please contact us for any details, otherwise, enroll today - classes are filling quickly and there is a push to get in before certification is required!

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Meet Our Instructor

Trai Dagucon

Founder, Cosmetologist